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Why Davids Should Focus On Micro-Influencers

By Dani Hunter

Here at Born Social, we’re all about creating great social media for Davids, not Goliaths. This belief runs through everything we do - because we truly believe in the power of out-thinking rather than out-spending.

At the moment, I’m spending a lot of time thinking about how to scale our approach to influencer marketing. It’s really important for us to do it in a way that’s consistent with our approach to all other areas of social - in a way that’s truly for the Davids.

That’s why we’re focusing on ‘micro-influencers’. While the size of their audience may be modest, the impact they are having on businesses across the globe is certainly not. With influencer marketing dominating the social landscape in 2017, I believe that these micro-influencers are becoming more important than ever.

So how exactly do we define a micro-influencer? Whilst it’s always tricky to pin down exactly what defines influence, we see them as ticking two boxes:

1. A credible platform. They’ll have social channels that have grown organically, with a modest but genuine following and a highly engaged audience. These things are crucial when looking to work with influencers to build brand awareness and develop a new audience.

2. A rough diamond. They’ll have natural potential, an eye for detail and a way with words. They’re probably undervalued in their number of followers, when you compare it with the quality of content they are producing.

The main thing to note here is that it’s not all about the numbers. Micro-influencers have proven themselves as real trend setters, creating content that is more genuine compared to their bigger rivals. This boils down to the fact that as an influencer grows in size, their power dilutes. In general, influencers with a more modest following tend to drive conversation in a more unique and personalised way.

Typically, influencers with smaller, more niche communities tend to feel more real, more relatable and generally have a higher proportion of fans who actually either know them personally or who have followed them on their digital journey. This makes their audience more likely to trust their recommendations, whilst allowing brand collaborations to feel more relevant and organic instead of disconnected.

What all of this means is that micro-influencers aren’t just the smaller, more affordable version of the big name influencer that you had your eye on, but in fact, they could be the key to unlocking a new, more engaged audience for your brand.

Remember, the type of influencer a company works with should always align with the brand or product and the best exposure will come from an influencer that prioritises the relationship with their audience. In short, a great way to look at the micro-influencer influx is that it gives space to authentic voices acting as modern day word of mouth review.

One example of a brand who are doing this really well are Pip & Nut. They’re tapping into their core audience for inspiration, utilising micro-influencers to make their brand more accessible whilst gaining exposure through their new influencer circle.

Another key benefit of working with micro-influencers is that you are working with your target audience. I believe that it’s time brands started to focus on this core group as these are essentially the people who buy their products. Less is more, and popularity is overrated. It is about how influencers can take the best of what a brand has to offer, combine it with their own unique tone of voice and propel it into the social-sphere. Easy, right?

Davids are challengers. They crave real impact, even if it means taking risks. They need big results in a cost effective manner, making micro-influencers - the Davids of the influencer world - the perfect fit.